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This Course will be presented Live Online on 16 November at 10:00 – 15:30.

Course Description

This course describes the key conditions of the “Consent” and Data Protection Officer’s monitoring of GDPR, that a company should take into consideration in order to comply with the provisions of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, known as the GDPR. It also explains a number of administrative fines imposed by the supervisory authority of various EU countries in order to understand the reason a company may be fined for non-compliance with GDPR and what a company should do to avoid be fined for these reasons.

It describes in detail how to obtain a “Consent”, the elements that must exist in order a “Consent” to be considered as a valid “Consent” and the “Consent” withdrawal process. It provides various good and bad methods used to obtain a “Consent” and the information that a controller should provide to data subjects when data subjects’ “Consent” is collected. It also provides examples to understand how to obtain valid “Consents” and how a controller can comply with the data subjects’ “Consent” withdrawal request.

This course explains in brief the key conditions related to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and what qualities a DPO must have in order to be able to perform his/her tasks. It also describes in detail how a DPO should involve in GDPR monitoring and provides a number of checkpoints that a DPO should check and assess in order to identify any weaknesses in the company’s GDPR procedures.

This course also explains in brief the conditions of administrative fines that supervisory authorities may impose to a company for non-compliance with the provisions of the GDPR. It describes in detail a number of administrative fines imposed by various supervisory authorities, providing information for the different cases, the reason why the companies were fined, the amount of the administrative fine imposed and what a company should do in order to avoid be fined for these reasons.

Topics covered

The course is split into the following sections:

Section 1: All about GDPR Consent – How to obtain a valid Consent

  • Key Definitions
  • Brief summary of GDPR
  • Obtaining a Consent as a lawful basis to process personal data
  • How a Consent can be collected – Examples
  • More conditions to understand the Consent
  • Element 1: The Consent must be “Freely Given”
  • Element 2: The Consent must be “Specific”
  • Element 3: The Consent must be “Informed”
  • Obtain a Consent – Examples
  • Additional conditions for obtaining valid Consent
  • Withdrawal of Consent – Examples
  • Withdrawal of Consent – General Conditions

Section 2: Data Protection Officer (DPO) – Checklist

  • DPO – Key points
  • Knowledge, expertise and skills of the DPO
  • The DPO Checklist – Key elements to check

Section 3: GDPR Fines-What to avoid

  • GDPR fines – General conditions
  • Orders by the supervisory authority
  • The two levels of GDPR administrative fines
  • GDPR fines – What to avoid (Real Cases)
  • GDPR fines – What to consider

    Course Duration

    This course will be presented Online Live on 16 November 2022 at 10:00 – 15:30. The Course duration is 5 hours.

    Training Method

    Live Online

    At the end of the Course, participants take a Quiz. A Certificate of Completion shall be issued and send to participants after the Course is completed.

    Accreditation and CPD Recognition

    The course can be accredited by regulators and other bodies for 5 CPD Units that require CPD training in financial and other regulation.

    Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association or other bodies in which you hold membership.

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    Andreas Nicolaides


    Andreas Nicolaides has more than 8-years experience in the financial Industry. He is the Operations Manager of G.P. GLOBAL LTD offering consulting services and training courses to Investment Firms, Administrative Service Providers and Funds focuses in Internal Audit, compliance & AML issues. He is a member of the Internal Audit team of G.P. GLOBAL LTD and is involved in numerous Internal Audits of Cyprus Investment Firms, Administrative Service Providers and Funds where he is engaged, among others, in the audit for compliance with the GDPR regulatory framework. He has completed a number of trainings on GDPR regulatory framework and assisted a number of Cyprus Investment Firms, Administrative Service Providers and Funds to comply with their GDPR legal obligations.


    Andreas Nicolaides holds a BA in Business Management from the Northumbria University (Newcastle – UK). Andreas also holds an Advance and Money Laundering certificate from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission for the provision of investment services/activities.