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by Charalampos Stamelos



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Charalampos Stamelos

Charalampos Stamelos has more than 20-years experience as a lawyer. He practices law since 1999 offering consulting services, representing clients in courts in Greece and in the European Court of Human Rights (France) and in other countries, and training courses to lawyers, trainees, judges, notaries and law students, focuses in European Law, European Human Rights, US Law, Mediation, Negotiations and English Legal Terminology issues. He offered numerous courses/seminars both in Cyprus, Greece and Italy in Banking Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Competition Law, Sports Law, Mediation, European Human Rights, US Law, Jurisprudence and History of Law. Charalampos Stamelos is Lecturer of Law in European University Cyprus Law School and Programme Coordinator for the LLB programmes and teaches law since 1999 in various universities and institutions.

Charalampos Stamelos holds an LLB from the University of Athens (Greece), an LLM with specialization in European Commercial Law from Essex University (UK), an LLM with specialization in History of Law from Athens University and a PhD with specialization in EU and US Competition Law from Athens University.

He also holds two Certificates from Harvard University (US) in US Law and Continuing Education,  a Certificate in Negotiations from the University of Michigan (US), a Certificate in International Relations from the Institute of World Politics (US), as well as two Certificates in Mediation from CMIT College (Ireland) and from Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK), a Certificate in International Arbitration (CIArb), a Certificate in European Human Rights from Utrecht University and two Certificates in Public International Law and Private International Law from the Hague Academy of International Law.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Member of the American Bar Association, Member of the European Law Institute and Member of the Hellenic Association of Mediators and other international associations, such as the Comparative, European and International Law-Hellenic Association and Weinstein International Foundation, Committee of Judges for the International Competition for Law Students in Mediation.

He is the author of more than ten books (in Peter Lang, Springer, and Nomiki Bibliothiki) and twenty articles in English, French and Greek languages published in US, Germany, Greece, India. He is the editor-in-chief for a legal journal in Indonesia and the editor-in-chief for a forthcoming book in Cambridge Scholar.

He speaks, writes and understands Greek (native), English (fluently), and has a basic knowledge in German, French, Russian and Arabic languages.