For more than 20 years, G.P. Global Ltd provides, among other services, training and seminars to individuals and companies from all over the World and from different industries.

All courses are developed by professional and qualified Instructors with years of experience in their field.

Every year, G.P. Global Ltd organises Continuous Professional Training (CPT) live online seminars for persons registered in CySEC’s Public Register and AML Compliance Officers Register. These CPT seminars are suitable to professionals pursuing CPT for the renewal of CySEC Certificate (CySEC Basic and CySEC Advance Certificate) or other relevant professional certificates in other jurisdictions. Also, a number of these seminars are suitable to all individuals who practice Anti-Money Laundering or interested to learn or enhance their knowledge in Anti-Money Laundering topics.

These live online seminars aim to satisfy CySEC’s provision, for Continuing Professional Training, enabling CIF’s, ASP’s and Investment Fund’s employees to maintain their certification, as well as to expand the knowledge and competence of CIF’s, ASP’s, Investment Fund’s, Trust Service Corporate Provider’s, Bank’s, Law Firm’s, Accounting Firm’s and Insurance Companies’ employees.

For the Year 2022, G.P. Global Ltd and the Institute of Continuous Professional Training and Education (ICPTE) have organised three live online CPT courses, with topic:

  • AML: Business Wide Risk Assessment (BWRA)
  • Key conditions for the implementation of GDPR
  • Appropriateness Test & Appropriateness scoring

The three live online seminars comply with the CySEC’s provisions for seminars to be considered as CPT units, as well as the provisions for trainers.

The three live online seminars were organised on the 15th, 16th and 17th of November 2022

The course “AML: Business Wide Risk Assessment (BWRA)” describes, among other, the Business Wide Risk Assessment (BWRA) and explains its main objectives. It analyses the legal basis and the provisions of the Law relevant to BWRA.

The course “Key conditions for the implementation of GDPR” describes, among others, the key conditions of the “Consent” and Data Protection Officer’s monitoring of GDPR. It also explains a number of administrative fines imposed by the supervisory authority of various EU countries.

The course “Appropriateness Test & Appropriateness scoring” analyses, among other, the information that investment firms should obtain from clients when providing the service of investment advice and portfolio management and the information when providing investment services other than investment advice or portfolio management (i.e. Reception, Transmission & Execution of orders).

For people who missed these three live online seminars, offers these three seminars in pre-recorded form. Click the following links to read the details of each course and register to watch them at Your own convenience, at Your own pace, in Your own time and place.

The Institute of Continuous Professional Training and Education (ICPTE) will organise in Year 2023 a number of Live Online Seminars in different topics. Visit regularly the to find all the new seminars. Subscribe to ICPTE’s latest news and marketing communication to learn first for all the new seminars and follow ICPTE on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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