The first few days of a new employee with your company are a lot more important than you may give it credit for.

The new employee has come from an entirely different company, with different standards and in many cases from a completely different industry than your Company is. Therefore, the first few days is an opportunity to explain to the new employee about your Company’s values and standards, introduce him/her to his/her new duties and responsibilities, solve any problems and make the new employee to feel welcome and comfortable.

It is common that an improper onboarding of a new employee can create confusion about expected duties and responsibilities. This leaves the new employee and the company with bitter experiences. A great solution to minimise any bitter experiences is the induction training. This is an important process to eliminate any issues relevant to the introduction of a new employee in your Company in order to save you plenty of time, money and stress both in the short and long term.

What an induction training is?

The induction training should be the first training that a new employee engages in after recruitment in your Company.

In summary, the induction training is the process of introducing a new employee to both his/her role within your Company and your Company itself. The induction training helps the new employee to better understand your Company’s structure, systems, procedures and powers level. It is a process that can last for a short period of time or be a process that is carried out for several months.

The common things that a company should covered in an induction process

The induction processes vary dramatically from company to company. It comes in different shapes and sizes. What is more, the industry requirements for an induction training for each company are different. However, there are several common things that any company should cover during a new employee induction training. These are.

1) Inform about your Company’s history.

2) Introduce your Company’s policies and procedures. For example, dress codes, working hours, etc.

3) Introduce the people with whom the new employee shall work with and a tour in your Company’s premises.

4) Inform in detail about specific customers’ standards. For example, customers’ service procedures.

5) Explain about your Company’s structure, values, culture, objectives, plans, power levels, training and developments opportunities.

6) Introduction to the job. Describe in detail the employee’s position, role, duties, responsibilities and day to day tasks.

The list above refers just to common things that an induction process may cover. What specifically the induction process should cover depends on your Company. For example, in a company where the employees will be handling personal data, it is important the induction training to cover about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The scope of the induction training is always to prepare the new employee’s mind of what to expect in your Company.

The benefits of an induction training for employees and your business

For employees:

  • They will learn from the first days all the necessary information related to your Company and their role. This helps for an easy transition of the new employee into your Company.
  • It helps the new employee to understand the current status of the work.
  • New employees tend to feel uneasy on their first day-to-day work. An induction training makes the new employees to feel welcome and comfortable.
  • It will make your new employees to feel valued and increase their level of job satisfaction. Any problems in the day-today work can be identified in the first days in order to find the best solutions.
  • New employees will understand from the first days about their role and be in line with what your Company strives to achieve, in both short and long-term.
  • Eliminate the confusion about expected duties, responsibilities and daily tasks.
  • It helps to get know their colleagues and easily to become a member of the team.

For your Company:

  • Make sure that the new employees will be on the same page when it comes to your Company’s objectives.
  • Reduce the possibility to lose a new employee within just a couple of months. This helps retain employees and save for your Company the cost and efforts that you must invest to hire new employees frequently.
  • Increase the productivity of new employees.
  • Improve the overall success of your Company.
  • An informed employee about your Company’s industry requirement will help your Company to stay compliant with your industry rules and requirements.
  • Unwanted workplace conflicts and incidents can be minimised.
  • The new employees will learn from the beginning about what they have to do, the right way to do it and the right time to do it. As a result, your Company will benefit from enhanced efficiency and productivity from the new employees’ part.

The aspect of welcoming new employees in your Company helps to ensure that the new employees are comfortable in their new working environment.

The induction training is a professional approach that many companies follow in order to introduce new employees in the company structure. Companies understand that a good induction training should include a well structured induction program that it will be easily understood by the new employees. Also, companies must take into consideration that further to the common things that an induction training requires for all new employees, each position needs to have a specific induction training for the new employee. The company must be able to customize the induction training to the needs of the specific job position.

All in all, you have worked hard to find the right person for your Company’s open job position. Obviously, you don’t want to make them feel unsure, unvalued or question the reasons they chose to join your company. The induction training is a solution to eliminate this issue.

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